What is ITAS C317?

The Temporary Stay Visa for Joining Family, also known as the Index C317 visa, is a type of visa issued by the Indonesian government to foreign nationals who wish to reunite with their families in Indonesia. The visa is designed to enable families to live together and strengthen familial ties, and is granted to spouses, parents, and children of Indonesian citizens or foreigners who hold a valid residency permit in Indonesia.

The C317 visa allows the holder to stay in Indonesia for up to two years, which can be extended based on the individual’s circumstances and compliance with Indonesian immigration regulations.

During their stay, visa holders are not permitted to engage in any form of paid employment in the country. This means that they cannot work in any occupation, job or business activity, as the visa is intended solely for family reunification purposes.

This Temporary Stay Visa is given to foreign nationals who intend to join their families in Indonesia.

  • This visa holders are not allowed to work in Indonesia.
  • Visa validity is one year.
  • This Visa is renewable
  • Processing time: 21 days


The following pointers are the requirement you need to fulfill to apply for ITAS:

  • You must show proof of strong family ties.
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport validity for at least 12 months
  • Proof of fund
  • Address (residential address) in Indonesia
  • Covid Vaccine Certificate


The following pointers are the process you have to follow to apply for ITAS:

  • Collect all documents required.
  • Apply for e-visa (12 working days)
  • Visa approval
  • Enter Indonesia
  • Submission of passport to immigration
  • Biometric schedule
  • ITAS process (5 working days)
  • We will return your passport along with the ITAS C317 residence permit.

What you will get

Documents package you will get:

Online Residence Permit

E-visa C317


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