What is ITAS C313/C314?

The Temporary Stay Visa for two years, also known as C314 visa, is a type of visa granted by the Indonesian government to foreign nationals who plan to invest or have already invested a significant amount of capital in the country. The visa is designed to facilitate foreign investment in Indonesia and promote economic growth in the country. It allows the visa holders to stay in Indonesia for up to two years and provides them with the legal right to reside in the country during that time.

(Stay permit for Investor to live and reside in Indonesian for 1 -2 years)

Holders of the C314 visa are not permitted to work in Indonesia. This means that they cannot engage in any paid employment activities, as the visa is strictly intended for the purpose of investment.

The visa holders are allowed to engage in activities related to their investment, such as overseeing their business operations or attending meetings with business partners or clients. It is also worth mentioning that the C314 visa does not automatically provide the holder with permanent residency in Indonesia. Rather, it is a temporary permit that is subject to renewal and extension based on the individual’s investment activities and compliance with Indonesian immigration regulations.

    1. You may eligible to convert your ITAS to ITAP (Permanent Stay Permit)
    2. It gives you multiple entry permits.
    3. The most convenient and efficient stay permit for those who wish to permanent stay in Indonesia.


The following pointers are the requirement you need to fulfill to apply for ITAS:

    • Establish an investment in the foreign company in Indonesia (PMA)
    • Valid passport minimum validity 18 months
    • Colored selfie photo size 4×6
    • Biometric
    • Processing time: 21 days

What you will get

Documents package you will get:


Online Residence Permit

E-visa C313/C314

Itas C313/C314)

STM (Surat Tanda Melapor) – Police record

SKTT – Residence ID certificate

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