Canada Visa – Eligibility Check

Eligibility Check

Does 460 high enough to get ITA? Unfortunately, not. Book a consultation with our licensed consultant and have the details to increase your chances. They will get more information thru this session to determine and elaborate strategy on each case. You will save a lot of time and money. You can book your assessment report after you get your consultation. The report should be only based on the result of your eligibility check and your consultation. Please keep in mind, eligibility check won’t replaced advise from the expert. For Express Entry applicants, we will also provide link to give you option to start application by your self, ensure to come back to us or book a consultation when you need our helping hands.

How Doe Eligibility Check Works?

We use corporate official template every time we EMAIL reports to our clients completed with letterhead. All the reports officially done by our licensed immigration consultants in Canada.

Payment receipt delivered to your email right after you make the payment


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