Canadian Resume Writing

Canada Resume Writing

Canada has many different formats, while they share some standards that you should know about. You don’t need to put your photo or age as they are irrelevant. Our specialists are highly trained with more than 15 years of experience in their field. They help many skilled workers inside and outside Canada to boost up their chances to get hired by Canadian employer. They know how to hit all the right spots. It often  satisfy an ATS (Applicant tracking system) before reaches to the hands of the hiring manager. 


A keyword masterpiece when it comes on your resume to make you stand out and getting more interviews, even more leverage as you negotiate new salary with your boss!

A key that can unlock the door to your dream job and accelerate your career.

How Is The Process?

1.One on one Consultation 

FOR MEDIUM AND UP LEVEL you will get a consultation by our expertise. You need to share complete information about your professional experience. FOR ENTRY LEVEL, you don’t need to get a consultation. Our specialist will evaluate and take all information to strengthen your profile

2.Resume writing by our specialist

We will write your resume based on information given during consultation and send it to you within 3-7days.

3.Writing linked in profile (per request)

Linked in is the top platform for employers to see about how good your professional career. Its like an online resume.

4.Interview coaching (after you get job offer)

We will coach you about how to give the correct answer on your interview.

Book your schedule and follow the instruction. Ensure to put the correct email address and phone number before you make payment. We will send the receipt to your email and send you reminder 1 day before the schedule.

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