What is ITAS C312?

A work visa, also known as index 312, is a type of visa used for work-related activities. The length of the work visa can range from one to twelve months and is based on the company’s need to hire foreign workers in Indonesia via the RPTKA (Foreign Worker Placement Plan).

There are several types of ITAS in Indonesia, this C312 visa allows you to work and stay for 6 to 12 months in Indonesia.

  • Skilled worker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Work ITAS is a Visa that allows you as a foreigner to live and work in Indonesia for a longer period of time (but still for a limited time).
  • Multiple entry permit.
  • Entitles multiple entrance to the Indonesian border
  • ITAS is valid for 6 or 12 months, and can be extended up to 5 times.
  • Processing time: 21 days


The following pointers are the requirement you need to fulfill to apply for ITAS:

  • • Passport with validity of at least 18 months
    • Certificate of education
    • A valid job-offer
    • Color scanned passport cover (open passport must be flat, no light reflections, keep margins)
    • Color scan of photo page and 2nd page of passport (open passport must be flat, no reflections, margins maintained)
    • Face-colored selfie photo (on a plain background)
    • Tickets, bookings or flight itineraries to Indonesia
    • Proof of fund
    • Vaccination certificate or covid passport (full dose 1/1 or 2/2)
    • Document authenticity declaration

What you will get

The documents package you will get:

RPTKA (Labor certification approval)

IMTA (Work permit)

E-visa (Entry permit)

ITAS (Stay Permit)

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