Canada – Business Visa

Business Visa - Canada

Canada Business Visa allows anyone who wants to go to Canada to enter the country for the purpose of doing business with a Canadian company.

If You are an entrepreneur who is seeking to build a business or simply expand your business in Canada, this visa type might be suitable for you.


1. Have a Qualifying Business

A. Created a business and holds 10% or more of voting rights attached to all shares of the company

B. Main operation business conducted in Canada but not limited to:

  1. staff
  2. physical location
  3. equipment
  4. inventory. etc

C. Applicants and designated organization jointly hold more than 50% of total voting rights attached to all shares of the corporation.

2. Recommendation From a Designated Organization

To become a designated organization, you must be a member of and be recommended by one of our partner industry associations:

A. Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association(CVCA)

  • Makes recommendations for venture capital funds

B. National Angel Capital Organization (NACO)

  • Makes recommendations for angel investor groups and business incubators

3. Investment in Start-Up/Company

The minimum investment you must invest in start-up business:

  1. Venture capital: minimum investment CAD200.000
  2. Angel investor: minimum investment CAD75000
  3. Business incubator:  no investment amount. You need to help startups grows by offering services (eg. mentoring capital, facility, networking, etc)

4. Meet Minimum Language Requirement

Language test from an approved agency in English or French (CLB5 each modules)

5. Meet Financial Requirement

proof of funds are determined according to the size of family member, using 50%  current low cut-off income for urban areas with minimal population 500.000 or more.

6. Show Your Business Meets Ownership Requirements

7.Peer Review

The peer review process was designed to protect against fraud and to ensure that designated entities and applicants’ activities are in line with industry standards. An officer may request a peer review if it assists in the application process or for the purpose of completing a quality assurance exercise. Processing officers must ensure that client-specific information is redacted from the peer review process before it is submitted to the relevant industry association. From all the documents that will be submitted for a peer review (that is, commitment certificates, term sheets, etc.

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