About Me

Lidya is the Founder & CEO of IZZYIMMI. She was graduated with a Bachelor in Business administration, focusing on Business Communication. She has been working with many industries as a trainer, speaker, consultant, recruiting, business development, and Public relations.

In the past 3 years, she has been serving clients for Permanent Residence in more than 15 countries. Her ability to learn, analyze and understand, has formed her knowledge and deep appreciation for immigration law. Her experience in immigration law, entrepreneurship, International relations, and an in-depth understanding of regulatory and business requirements for various immigration streams in many countries for the successful entry of business.

In her journey, she has met people from different nationalities and cultures. Becoming a permanent resident is not easy. Some have to endure long periods of uncertainty, the difficulties for starting the wrong way. But positive decisions can be a step forward for you to begin your journey in the new country, reuniting with family, enjoying the life you have dreamed about to start a new journey with new hope and opportunities.

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